The Photographer
My interest in photography took off when I borrowed a friend's Nikon FM2 whilst in Plymouth Poly for three years (thanks John!). Since then I have used a variety of cameras from an Olympus OM10 to a Pentax ME Super, followed by a series of Nikons (FE2's and F100) and a Pentax 645 Medium format film camera. Then the digital age dawned and I bought a Nikon D70. With the advent of Canon's full frame sensor, I jumped ship and bought a Canon 5D and I now use a 5D Mk 11. My "standard" lens is probably the Canon 24-70mm f2.8 which accounts for 75% of my images. I use a Manfrotto tripod with Manfrotto ball and socket head, a cable release and a hotshoe mounted spirit level.
I use Lee filters when necessary and process my Raw images using LightRoom. Further post processing is done with Photoshop, but this is kept to a minimum.
Equipment is all very well, but I'm not really that interested in it, as long as it delivers quality results. For me, photography is all about capturing the atmosphere of a place and that usually means using great light. Most of the images on this site were taken within an hour or so of sunrise or sunset.
Photography fascinates me - the idea that you can capture a fraction of a second of time and study it for years to come really appeals to me (although in actuality, most of my exposures usually last for several seconds). I'm a big fan of long exposures, as you will probably have noticed, particularly when water is featured as it so often is.
As a Christian, I am inspired by the beauty of the creation that surrounds us and I doubt that I will ever tire of trying to capture it when it looks its best.