Dull, Dull Dull..

What to do on a grey November day...
Dull and grey was the forecast today. There's really only one option for the landscape photographer on such a day, head for a waterfall. I left Cardiff in said dull weather and arrived at Gnoll Park in Neath to photograph the moss cascade only to find blue skies and sunshine - the worst weather for waterfalls. One of these days the forecasters will get it right. Added to this, the water level was suprisingly low and I left unsatisfied with what I had taken. The next stop was Henrhyd fall in Coelbren, a fall I have not shot for some years. By now the cloud had moved in again thankfully, and after the hoards of people had departed (well, 10 of them; how many qualifies as a hoard I wonder?) I got to work. Its the biggest fall in the Beacons at 90 feet and you can walk behind it, so it's well worth a visit, but please don''t visit when I'm trying to shoot it. I eventually left with wet feet but happy that I had nailed the shot I wanted (or so I thought). On inspection of the results at home, I am not 100% happy; a smaller aperture was needed - rookie error - so it seems I will have to return again some day. The sky was looking promising on the journey home, but a bank of cloud ruined what might have been a nice sunset, so a visit to the coast was abandoned mid journey. There's always next week.