Henrhyd, take 2

Another rainy day
but not a problem. I headed back to Henrhyd waterfall today to redo the pics that I messed up last week and then visited Sgwd Gwladys, just down the road. This time I think I got it right and the fruits of my labour will soon be found in the Waterfalls gallery. Shooting in the rain is not ideal, but it is sometimes worth the hassle for the soft light that it brings. Low contrast is a must for waterfalls. The pic shown was taken with a 25 second exposure at F20 and ISO 100 using a polarising filter - impossible without the trusty tripod. Rain spots on the front element were a bit of a problem and a bit of photoshop work will be required to remove some of them. At Sgwd Gwladys the rain was a little too heavy so I had to settle for just a couple of pics. Overall though an enjoyable day by the river in a beautiful location.