A day on the Gower

An unexpected visitor..
I spent a pleasant morning on the Gower today, visiting Langland Bay, Caswell Bay, Brandy Cove and Pwll Du. The sun only really shone for Langland (see the Gower gallery) then decided to hide behind cloud for the rest of the day. Whilst taking some shots of Caswell, I noticed this little chap standing right behind me. He was completely unafraid and I was able to take off my camera from the tripod, readjust the settings and get within about 30 cm of him (or her). It was obviously looking for food, which unfortunately I didn't have and after about 5 mins, it got bored and flew off but it was a rather special 5 minutes. All this image needs is a little snow and I'd have this year's Christmas card.
It is hard to believe that it is December. The gorse is still flowering and I even saw a Primrose. Weird.