A Christmas cracker

Worth getting up for..
It was very tempting to just stay in bed this morning; outside it was fairly grey and cloudy with occasional showers, but one or two little breaks in the cloud cover gave me a glimmer of hope. Not wanting to travel too far for nothing, I stayed local and visited Sully Island, a place where I usually visit for fishing rather than photography. A few flecks of pink in the sky looked promising and by the time I arrived, the sky was ablaze with colour so intense that I have actually reduced the saturation of the resulting images (I normally boost it ever so slightly.) The resulting images can be found in the Cardiff and District gallery. The display only lasted about 10 minutes but it was quite beautiful. Mornings like this make it all worthwhile.
For the technically minded, I used a 17-40mm Canon lens on a Canon 5D MK11 with a Lee 0.9ND filter and a Lee 0.6 ND soft grad, all nicely supported on a Manfrotto Neotec tripod. An exposure of 10 seconds at F16 rendered the sea nicely blurred.