Jigsaw falling into place...

On a recent dawn visit to Ogmore Castle, I had already captured the dawn sky behind the silhouetted castle and was shooting it from the other side. The waning moon was still out and its reflection was visible in the river. As if on cue, a flock of swans swam up the river right into the shot. Serendipity! I quickly altered the ISO speed upwards to get a faster shutter speed so that the swans would not blur. Looking at the final image, I clearly needed it a little faster, as they are slightly blurred, but I can live with that. Sometimes the jigsaw pieces fall into place without you even trying.
These images can be found in the Cardiff and District gallery. Ogmore Castle is actually 15 miles from Cardiff, so maybe I need a new gallery title.
Tech heads pay attention: Canon 17-40mm lens, Lee ND 0.9 soft grad, ISO 200, 1/8 sec at F10, shot in RAW, processed in Capture One and tweaked in Photoshop.