Blowin' in the wind

I nearly walked past this image. I'd been for a walk in the Beacons and was actually in the car park when I glanced to my left and saw these two trees which looked amazing against the blue sky. It was a drag to get my gear out again after having just packed it all away, but I'm glad I did. The wind was blowing really strongly so I decided to fit a 3 stop ND filter as well as a polariser, stop down to f22 and get a nice slow shutter speed to let the motion of the trees show. Having taken a few pics of just the trees (see the Brecon Beacons gallery) I decided to use the self timer and take a shot of myself seated between them just for the site. Typically the wind dropped a bit as the shutter went off, so not as much motion as I would have liked. But still, here I am.