Water, water, everywhere...

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British summers seem to be a thing of the past - this must be the 7th or 8th year in a row when it has failed to materialise and it continues to rain incessantly, but, when in Rome....
The obvious solution is to shoot waterfalls once more. This shot was taken back in May (when it was still raining) in a valley below Pen y Fan. The day was very misty, and the higher I climbed, the mistier it became. The mist just seems to add to the general ambience and atmosphere of the shot though and overall I feel it has had a positive impact on the final image, softening the tones, lowering the contrast and leading to lovely muted colours. A larger version can be viewed in the Waterfalls gallery. This particular fall seems to be unnamed on the map, which is strange as it is quite a large stepped fall, with another section of a similar height just above this one, giving an overall height of about 25-30 metres. It may be unnamed, but it is one I will remember for a long time to come.
The 17-40mm lens was employed here together with a 3 stop ND filter to lower the exposure time to a few seconds, allowing the water to blur nicely.