Strange phenomenon

Neutral density filters seem to be all the rage in landscape photography, and I use them a lot myself, but I have finally managed to obtain a Big Stopper filter from Lee (after a 3 month wait) which reduces the light by 10 stops. This image was taken at about 11am and without the filter it would have been a pretty ordinary shot. Using a 30 second exposure has changed the scene totally and added that all important ingredient, atmosphere.
The dome in the foreground is one of the old outlets for Aberthaw power station and the large dome in the distance is the inlet caisson which is still in use. It was whilst I was fishing here the other night that I realised the potential of the scene. I originally envisioned it in black and white (and there will be a b&w version added soon) but it just looked too good in colour, so that's how it is staying for now. You can find the full sized version in the Glamorgan Heritage Coast gallery.