"Smoke" on the water

Ok, so it's not smoke, just mist. Although I enjoy the summer, from a photographic point of view, it's not that great. With the arrival of September, things start improving considerably. Autumn is my favourite season as it is just so atmospheric - lower sun, lots of mist, trees slowly changing colour and early frosts.
This was the scene that greeted me this morning when I visited the River Ely near Penarth. It is a scene that I drive past everyday but I only really noticed its potential this week. I was hoping for a nice colourful sunrise over the river, but that will have to wait for another day. The mist was quite dense and the water was very still making for a rather serene and subtle low contrast image. Dew covered cobwebs were draped all over the bridge that I shot this from. Pale scenes like this can easily fool the camera meter into under exposing so I over exposed by 1 stop to compensate. You can find the larger version in the Cardiff and District gallery along with a few new shots of the barrage.