Dunraven dawn

Dunraven Bay is a beautiful beach just a short distance away from where I live. I usually visit this coastline at dusk, as it faces south west, so it is perfect for winter sunsets. The trouble is, lots of other people also visit then and even if the beach is empty, there are always signs of their visits in the shape of footprints all over the place, messing up the sand. At dawn, the sun rises directly behind you, but you still get a lovely glow in the sky and the sand is just perfect, having been conveniently washed by the Bristol Channel during the night. You have to be careful on these visits not to spoil the sand with your own clumsy feet, so I navigate a path to my chosen viewpoint via rocks, pools and streams so as to avoid leaving any trace of my own presence. It makes the walk a little more interesting. There are quite a few of these pools and isolated rocks present, like tiny archipelagos. I never tire of this beach and I make no apologies for the number of images of it on the site. Expect many more in the future.
For those who are interested, this was taken with a 17-40mm lens on the Canon 5D Mark 11 using a 0.9 Lee ND grad, 0.6 sec at F18, ISO 100.