I was walking alongside the Taff feeder recently brandishing my new Canon 70-200mm lens when I spotted a Heron standing motionlessly on the far bank. One thing you quickly learn is that to photograph birds, you either need a hide or a very long lens and preferably both. In this case my 70-200mm was woefully inadequate. As I was about to give up, a fellow photographer passed who offered me the use of his image stabilised Canon 400mm lens - a mere £5500 worth of glass. A very generous and noble gesture I must say. With this weighty beast of a lens firmly attached, I once more viewed the bird but it was still pretty small in the frame - a 600mm would have been better. As I shuffled a little closer, it took flight and flew down river. I managed to pan it and snatch off this single frame as it flew past. It's not a brilliant shot by any means, it could be sharper, and there is a blurred branch which got in the way, but for me it captures the ghost like quality of a grey herom silently soaring up the river fairly well. So thanks to whoever it was who lent me their lens. You can see a bigger version in the Flora and Flora gallery.