Mojo lost.

So its been a long time since the last update, for various reasons, but having been fairly active last year I've just given the camera a bit of a break, partly because I have been very busy with my day job, partly because we had such a dull and uninteresting winter (weather wise) and when we did have interesting weather I was stuck in work, partly because I am fed up of the "share everything" culture we seem to be living in and partly because I have temporarily just lost my Mojo.
When I go to a gig, I am surrounded by people trying to capture the events on their phones, just a sea of phones getting in the way (and recording poor images and poor sound probably). People want to capture their lives on film and share their every moment with anyone who is interested it seems. I have been guilty of the same behaviour myself, and I am not criticising people for wanting to record and share their lives, it's their call, but I am generally not that interested in what other people do with their leisure time and they are probably not that interested in what I do with mine, so I have decided to live life for a while without viewing everything through a lens. This came home to me on a recent boat trip. I was patiently waiting for dolphins to appear. Whilst waiting, I resorted to trying some blurred seascapes with intentional camera movement (quite successfully). Of course, that's when the dolphins chose to arrive. I frantically started shooting pics only to remember that my camera was set to a small aperture and slow shutter speed. In my frantic efforts to return the camera to suitable dolphin settings, I effectively missed the moment and what should have been a really great moment became a negative. On the return journey, I left the camera in the car and when the dolphins arrived once more, I really enjoyed just watching them. In posting pics to this site, and to Facebook, it is so that others can see them of course (and hopefully buy them) (which is not quite the same as sharing for its own sake), but still, I need to get a fresh perspective on my photography and why I am doing it, so this year I have not taken any landscapes at all.That's right, not one. Soon I will pick up the camera again, when I feel the time is right, but for now I am enjoying walking in the mountains without 15 kg of gear on my back. I am also looking into getting a small pocket sized camera.
Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible.