The Lady in Red

I have wanted to visit this cave for a very long time and now I finally have. It is called Paviland Cave or the Goat's Hole and it is located on the South West Gower coastline. It is only accessible at low tide, preferably on a large tide. In 1822, the remains of a young man were discovered here together with many other archaeological curiosities, which you can read more about if you copy the link below into your browser.

To visit it, park in the small carpark at Pilton Green and follow the signpost to Slade/Foxhole. It is a walk of just under 1 mile, a little tricky towards the end as there is a bit of leg breaking jagged limestone to cross.
Photographing it from inside was straightforward enough; the trouble was getting the exposure correct. I wanted to be able to see sufficient detail inside to reveal the cave without losing the detail outside which was about 8 stops brighter. It is just not possible to do this in camera, without using flash, which I'm not a fan of, so I made a series of different exposures and combined them all together in Photoshop, leading to the result shown (which I am rather pleased with). Of course, the camera has to be tripod mounted for this and great care has to be taken not to move the camera between each shot. It is a very strange feeling to be alone in this cave, given its history. Who knows what events occurred here many years ago.