The rise of the phone

Compact cameras, remember them? Try and find somebody using one the next time you go out somewhere, you probably won't see any. But count the phones, they are everywhere. And why not? The modern phone does everything it seems, from online banking to web browsing or updating whatever social media feed you use and of course they also take excellent pictures. I too have fallen victim to the trend - I can hardly remember the last time I carried my Canon camera and tripod to a scenic location but the iPhone goes everywhere with me. Small, light, convenient and the images it takes are as good as any compact camera I've used. True, it's no match for my Canon...yet.. but if progress continues at a similar pace over the next few years then the difference will become less and less. Added to this is the rise of the photo market for phone images. I use Stockimo, but there are several other platforms available, so now phone images can also be sold. In my experience of two and a half years of selling phone images, the returns are far smaller than those from my SLR images but the processing, editing and uploading is considerably less time consuming. The latest phones have several lenses - wide angles, short telephotos, portrait modes, video, slo-mo, and excellent editing software which is often free. I use Snapseed; easy to use, effective, free and advert free. It is straightforward enough for children to use. I wonder though, will the next generation of photographers have any clue about f-stops, apertures, exposure compensation, depth of field, bokeh or whatever? It is not only compact cameras that seem to have vanished but SLRs also seem to be on the decline. Why would a youngster ask for a camera as a present when they have a perfectly good one on their phone? Does it matter that they lack the knowledge as long as they can produce the images? Jimi Hendrix could not read music apparently but that didn't hold him back. So, maybe it doesn't matter that much. Composition will always be important of course and that often seems to be intuitive. Having taught photography to youngsters, you soon realise that some kids just get it and naturally compose great images whilst others just don't have much of a clue.
Anyway, you now know why I haven't uploaded many images on here for a while - I've been busy snapping away on my phone, but it is time for some of those phone pics to see the light of day. I will be adding a new gallery shortly of phone images.